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Sick of Trucking BS? There’s a Smarter Way to Work as a CDL Driver

Written by Lanefinder
July 21, 2022

There’s a lot that sucks about being a CDL driver.

Getting paid to guide 40 tons of freight and metal from one end of the country to the other is badass. But truck drivers like you aren’t just badass… you’re essential. Your career craves sacrifice, training, and dedication.

However, the trucking industry is broken. The problems of the industry (greed, exploitation, dishonesty) have been around for so long that many think the industry cannot and will not get better.

But it has to. You deserve an industry that treats you right.

Truck drivers are often seen as loud and outspoken about the things that bother them. That’s because despite their serious demands for improvement, the industry still doesn’t listen.

We hear you loud and clear!

And to prove it, we’ve created a smarter way to work as a truck driver based on the following beliefs:

You need to get paid what you deserve. At the very least, that means getting the pay you signed up for without feeling cheated by the small print.

You need to feel respected by your company and feel like your basic needs are taken care of. A job can get money in your pocket, but only a good job can provide you security, respect, recognition, and room for growth.

You need a contract written with your interests in mind. We reached out to our trucking community and found out that many drivers refuse to sign a contract altogether out of fear of being cheated down the line.

You have the right not to be lied to. You deserve to know that the job you apply to will deliver on its promises.

You should not lose your benefits each time you start a new job. Many companies will make you wait months to receive the benefits you need, but that shouldn’t be the case.

You deserve to be treated with respect. Respect, much like ‘family’, is a word thrown around often in trucking. We believe that actions speak louder than words. To us, respect means all guaranteeing you all of the above and having your back – not in theory but in practice.

We love the trucking industry, and our new product celebrates, empowers, and rewards truck drivers for their hustle and ambition.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s exactly how it works.

What being a Lanefinder Driver really means is this:

  • You work as a W2 driver and get to choose any company from the 8,500+ on our job platform
  • We guarantee your benefits, pay, and employment security
  • Health benefits are guaranteed regardless of your health and medical history
  • You always keep your benefits between jobs
  • You’re covered by a Job-Ad Guarantee that allows you to switch jobs risk-free without being seen as a job hopper
  • If your employer breaks their promises, we’ll pay you $1,000 as you transition to your next job
  • You always get PTO, and keep your accumulated time off between jobs

Many drivers have already reached out to us about this offer with some important questions. Let's answer a few of them here.

Does this cost you anything? Short answer: No.

You still get paid weekly, you’re not obligated to any long-term commitments or contracts, you can opt out at any time, and it costs you nothing.

To answer another common question: No, we do not take a percentage taken off your pay.

There are no hidden fees and no funny business.

We also try to make sure you are as free as possible to work for the carrier of your choice. That means that even if the carrier you have in mind isn’t currently on Lanefinder, you can still contact your Lanefinder representative and inform them of your choice. We’ll do the rest and try to get the carrier to agree to your terms.

How we guarantee you won’t be cheated.

The terms outlined in the ad and contract you sign with your employer protect you and your interests.

If anything goes wrong, we step in as a neutral third party to settle any disputes and make sure your transition to your next job is as smooth as possible.

Yes, you can keep your benefits and work for any company of your choice.

No matter which carrier you work for, Lanefinder Drivers will always keep their Lanefinder Benefits. Our benefits are guaranteed issue, meaning you will receive them regardless of your health and medical history. Other professionals take this for granted and we believe professional drivers should too.

As a Lanefinder Driver, you always get the following benefits:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • Telemedicine
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K
  • Dental

You get to keep these benefits when you switch jobs, which means no more 90 day waiting periods just to get your benefits.

Why you can trust us to deliver on our promises.

Lanefinder launched in 2018, and we’ve been hard at work building our unique CDL job marketplace ever since. In 2021, we raised $15 million to support our efforts to create the ultimate job platform for the trucking industry. Since then, this is what we’ve accomplished:

  • We’ve onboarded 8,500+ carriers, making Lanefinder the biggest job platform for finding specific CDL jobs
  • We have an easy to use app and website designed to minimize hassle and save you time
  • Our job platform is transparent and removes dishonest carriers and companies that waste your time
  • In-depth job descriptions on Lanefinder give you as much information as possible before you choose to apply, reducing the risk of you getting scammed or lied to
  • All companies on Lanefinder are DOT verified by our team, there are no third party recruiters on our platform to steal your information and call you about jobs you’re not interested in
  • Lanefinder provides unmatched job search filters and lets you find jobs that match your specific wants & needs

At our disposal is a job platform unique to the trucking industry – one that represents thousands of carriers and drivers. And while we can’t snap our fingers and fix the industry, we can use our unique position to hold companies accountable and make it as easy as possible for drivers to work in a way that takes care of all of their needs.

What NOT to expect.

We're NOT going to find you a job you don’t want.

We're NOT going to lead you on with false promises.

We will NOT let dishonest carriers take advantage of you.

As a Lanefinder Driver, you’re always in control.

Sign up to become a Lanefinder Driver today.

We're now welcoming 500 CDL Drivers to experience the smarter way to work as a truck driver. If your profile is selected, we'll reach out to you and guide you through the next steps. If you're not selected to become a Lanefinder Driver in this round, we will inform you and keep your profile on the waiting list.

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Unbreaking Trucking

Inspiring insights for the ambitious driver.

Being able to overcome the challenges of the trucking industry is the key to your professional well-being as a CDL driver.

Staying on top of your game will help you make smarter choices, land better jobs, and have a clearer picture of where your career is heading.

We’re here to help you do just that.

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