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America's Smartest Truck Drivers Are Lanefinders

Get a CDL job through one of Lanefinder's 8,500 carriers and enjoy Fair & Transparent Pay, PTO, Benefits, and a Job-Ad Guarantee.

We're Inviting 500 CDL Drivers to Experience the Smarter Way to Work

Become a Verified Lanefinder Driver and get the pay, benefits, and respect you deserve. You get hired by us as a W2 driver, but work for one of our 8,500 carriers, allowing us to guarantee your benefits, pay, and employment security. If the job you choose doesn't live up to what the carrier promised, our job-ad guarantee will kick in ensuring you keep your benefits, PTO and pay while helping you transition to a new job.

Drivers deserve better

CDL Driver Survey (2022)

Drivers with health insurance
Drivers with other benefits
Drivers considered switching jobs financialy risky
Drivers fear being seen as job hoppers

We surveyed CDL drivers about their current working conditions to better understand how we can help improve the employment situation for America's 3.5 million drivers. Most drivers do not receive basic benefits, guaranteed paid time off, or a contract defining how they get paid. On top of that, many drivers stay with a job they don't like out of fear of losing benefits and stability.

In which other industry would this be acceptable?

Job-Ad Guarantee

A new industry standard

We believe in holding carriers accountable to what they write in their job ads. If the carrier promised you all weekends home, that you can bring your pet, a new truck or dedicated route, they should honor their promises.

That's why we are introducing our Job-Ad Guarantee for any job you get as a Lanefinder Driver. If the carrier isn't delivering what they promised in their job ad, we will fix it or help you switch jobs risk-free and with a $1,000 transition pay!

In which other industry would this be ok?

72%of drivers don't trust what is written in Job-Ads and expect to be lied to by recruiters.
62%of drivers feel it's financially risky to change jobs.
76%of drivers want to switch jobs.
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Get Fair & Transparent Pay, Benefits, and Job-Ad Guarantee

Fair & Transparent Pay

We've got your back. We make sure the company you work for sticks to the payment terms they promised you.

Guaranteed Issue Benefits

As a Lanefinder Driver, you're guaranteed benefits regardless of your health and medical history. We've got you covered.

Keep Benefits Between Jobs

Being a Lanefinder Driver gives you the freedom to switch jobs without ever losing your benefits.

Paid Time Off

As a Lanefinder Driver, you're guaranteed paid time off. Your earned time off even carries over between jobs.

Driver Success Manager

We're here to help if you need us. Should you need guidance with career choices, filling out applications or finding the best job from our 8,500 carriers, we are here and we always put your career first.

Job Ad Guarantee

If your job doesn't live up to what was promised in the job ad, we'll help you sort it out, or if that is not possible, switch jobs. Enjoy the freedom and security of being a Lanefinder.

America's largest selection of CDL jobs

Choose the best job for you from our 8,500 carriers. As a Lanefinder Driver you always get Fair & Transparent Pay, Benefits, and Job-Ad Guarantee.

Don't Be a Job Hopper

As a Lanefinder Driver, you can switch jobs without being seen as a job hopper as you will always be employed under Lanefinder

Employer Accountability

As a Lanefinder Driver, we make sure you always have a written contract. We make sure the contract is fair, transparent and that the carrier sticks to what was agreed upon with you.

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Your Lanefinder Benefits

No more compromises. No matter which carrier you work with you will always have your Lanefinder Benefits. Our benefits are guaranteed issue, meaning you will receive them regardless of your health and medical history. All other industry professionals take this for granted and we believe professional drivers should too.

Life Insurance

How to Become a Lanefinder


Sign Up for Early Access

To become a Lanefinder Driver start by signing up below. During the sign up process we will ask you a few questions about your driving experience. This step will take no more than five minutes.


Create a Driver Profile

Your driver profile contains information about your previous employers, moving violations etc. We need this information in order to process your application and help you find jobs that match your pay requirements and expertise.


Pick the Job You Want

With Lanefinder the best job for you is the easiest to find. With over 8,500 carriers to choose from, and with our powerful job search functionality, chances are you'll find the best job you've ever had.


Accept Carrier Offer

The company you choose agrees to your terms and conditions. The job-ad will be the basis of the contract the company must adhere to and that we will hold them accountable to. Need help or support? Our Career Adviser will support and represent you in the discussion with the carrier.

Welcome to the team, you're now a Lanefinder!

Congrats! You're now working with the carrier of your choice while enjoying all the benefits of being a Lanefinder Driver.

A Smarter Way to Work as a Truck Driver

LanefinderRegular Employment
Fair & Transparent Pay
Guaranteed Issue Benefits
Paid Time Off
Job-Ad Guarantee
Switch Jobs Risk Free
Extra Protection & Insurances

Your Questions, Answered

What are Guaranteed Issued Benefits? Which benefits are guaranteed?

Guaranteed issued benefits are benefits which will be granted to you regardless of your medical/health history. Currently, medical insurance is guaranteed.

When do my benfits kick in?

There is a monthly enrollment for our medical, vision and dental benefits. Once you enroll, the benefits will be available to you the following month.

I want to work for a different carrier, what should I do?

If the carrier is within the Lanefinder Driver Program, then you can get in contact with your Driver Success Manager and they will help you transition to the new position.

Am I still eligible for bonuses and pay raises as a Lanefinder Driver?

Yes! This is negotiated between you and the carrier.

How and when will I get paid?

Payment will be made via a bank transfer made to your bank account on a weekly basis. Payments will be made on Fridays for the previous week. To be eligible for payment, your bank account must be located in the U.S.

Does it cost me anything to be a Verified Lanefinder Driver?

No! We don't take any percentage of your salary nor are there any fees to sign up, become or drive as a Lanefinder Driver

Can I stop being a Lanefinder Driver at any time?

Yes, you can leave at any time. However, to be eligible for rehire within the Lanefinder Driver Program, you must give us one week of notice that you will be leaving your assignment.

What should I do if the job does not live up to what was promised?

If the carrier is not delivering on what was promised, get in touch with your Driver Success Manager. We will collaborate with the carrier to deliver on their promises or transition you to a job which suits your needs.

The carrier I want to work for is not on Lanefinder.com, what should I do?

If the carrier you want to work for is not in our Lanefinder Driver Program, you can reach out to your Driver Success Manager who will contact the carrier and onboard them into our network.

The #1 CDL Job Platform for Truck Drivers

Lanefinder is the largest CDL job platform in America with jobs from over 8,500 carriers. Use Lanefinder's unparalleled job filters to pinpoint jobs based on route, trailer type, experience, pet policies, fleet size, and much more.

As a Lanefinder Driver, choose any job on the Lanefinder job platform and enjoy guaranteed issue benefits, paid time off, and a Job-ad Guarantee that keeps you protected in case the job doesn't live up to what was promised.

All Drivers Enjoy
  • 8,500+ carriers, big and small
  • Trucking specific job filters
  • Comprehensive job descriptions
Verified Lanefinder Drivers Also Get
  • Guaranteed issue benefits for Lanefinder Drivers
  • Job-ad guarantee for Lanefinder Drivers
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