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How Lanefinder Lets You Get Hired with Free Benefits.

Apply to select companies through Lanefinder and get hired with benefits no matter if you're an employee, contractor, or owner op. Your benefits are yours to keep even if you switch jobs.

Benefits at No Cost to You

It doesn't matter what kind of truck driver you are, or what kind of work you do. You deserve benefits. Pick select jobs on Lanefinder and get hired with benefits that are 100% paid-for by the us and yours to keep, even between jobs.

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Your Lanefinder Benefits

Enjoy a comprehensive suite of benefits no matter who you work for. The base benefits package is 100% paid-for by Lanefinder, and additional coverage is available for those of you who already have benefits but want a bit of extra protection.

MEC Health, Dental & Vision
Term Life & Disability
Critical Illness & Accident
Identity Theft & Companion Card
Drivers deserve better

CDL Driver Survey

Drivers with health insurance
Drivers with other benefits
Drivers that consider switching jobs financially risky
Drivers that want to switch jobs within a year

Most drivers do not receive basic benefits. On top of that, many drivers stay at jobs they can’t stand out of fear of losing benefits and stability.

In which other industry would this be acceptable?
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Benefits That Are Yours to Keep

With Lanefinder, your benefits are safeguarded by us regardless of who you work for. Should your employment be terminated for any reason, you’ll always be able to keep your benefits as you transition to your next job.

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More Than Just Benefits

Guaranteed Issue Health Care

Our benefits package comes with medical care that's guaranteed to you regardless of your health history.

Keep Benefits Between Jobs

Switch jobs without saying bye-bye to your benefits. Keep your benefits for up to four weeks between jobs as we help you find and transition to your next role.

Flexible Benefits Options

Are your benefits already covered by your spouse or family? We have options that complement your existing benefits and give you more complete coverage.

Get Application Priority

Skip to the front of the line whenever you select the Lanefinder benefits package and apply.

Create a Driver Profile

Create a full profile that serves as a DOT compliant application and skip straight to the part where you get invited to orientation.

Driver Success Manager

We're here for you if you need us. If you want to find a different job, or need career guidance, you can always reach out to your Driver Success Manager.

Get Benefits in 5 Easy Steps


Apply to a Company with Lanefinder Benefits

Find a company offering Lanefinder Benefits and apply!


Download the Lanefinder App

Download the app and set up your preferences.


Look out for Matching Jobs

Find or get matched with jobs that have what you're looking for.


Mark Yourself as Hired

Mark yourself as hired in the Lanefinder app (if the carrier hasn't done so already).


Claim Your Benefits

Get onboarded, choose your benefits plan, and start getting your Lanefinder Benefits for free.

Not a Regular Job Board

LanefinderRegular Job Boards
Guaranteed Issue Benefits
For Truck Drivers Only
Switch Jobs Risk Free
Extra Protection & Insurances

Frequently Asked Questions

What are guaranteed issue benefits? Which benefits are guaranteed?

Guaranteed issue simply means that benefits are granted to you regardless of your medical history. Health insurance is currently guaranteed for anyone with the Lanefinder benefits package.

When do my benefits kick in?

Benefits will start on the first of the following month, 30 days after the driver has been enrolled. For example: if a driver is hired on the 13th of January and enrollment is on the 20th of January, the benefits will start on the 1st of March.

What if I already have health benefits?

You can choose between the default benefits package and an alternate benefits option that provides you additional coverage for free. Talk to your Driver Success Manager for more information.

What do I need to tell the company to get my benefits?

The benefits are handled by us, no need to involve your employer. All you need to do is mark yourself as hired in the app to activate your benefits with us!

Does it cost anything to get Lanefinder Benefits?

No! Your Lanefinder Benefits are 100% paid for by the company you work for.

I want to switch jobs and keep my benefits, what should I do?

Reach out to your Driver Success Manager and they will help you switch jobs smoothly without losing your benefits.

Can I get Lanefinder Benefits for any job on Lanefinder?

Not for now. Look out for jobs that are tagged with 'Lanefinder Benefits Included' and apply to those to get hired with free Lanefinder Benefits.

The New Way to Find Great CDL Jobs

Pinpoint the CDL jobs that match what you’re looking for with our unmatched and easy-to-use trucking job search. Apply safely knowing that the information in the job ads is accurate, detailed, and transparent.

  • An unmatched CDL job search
  • Transparent job descriptions
  • Apply to several jobs at a time
  • No third party recruiters
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The Lanefinder App

Apply Faster, Claim Benefits, and More

The Lanefinder app lets you apply faster, skip long applications, chat with carriers, save your searches, track your benefits, and much more.
  • Direct message companies
  • Create a driver profile and skip long applications
  • Claim and track your free benefits
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