Job search designed for truckers.

Sit back and get notified when the perfect job tailored to your standards becomes available.

The most advanced job matching in trucking

Instead of searching for jobs, let them find you! Build a wishlist of checkboxes you want your next job and employer to tick.

We’ll notify the both of you - about the both of you.

Only see jobs you’re qualified for

Never again waste time and energy on carriers who drag you along a recruitment process only to find out they couldn’t even hire you in the first place.

Lanefinder only shows the jobs that you are 100% qualified for.

No more burner phones or emails

Your privacy comes first. When you apply to companies outside of Lanefinder your personal phone number will be replaced by a Lanefinder number.

That means when you land your next job, you can switch off your Lanefinder number and no more calls will be forwarded to you.



Tell us what you want to see in your next job and we will find it for you.


We'll notify you as soon as a job matching your preferences becomes available.

Track applications

All applications will be listed within the app so you can keep track of them.

Apply to any carrier

One-click apply to any carrier and never again fill out lengthy application forms.


Add jobs of interest to your watchlist and get notified when they open up.

Block recruiter calls

Remove your contact details from applications you've already sent. You decide when you want recruiters to be reaching out to you.

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