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Attract and Hire Quality Drivers

Lanefinder offers a suite of solutions that lets companies attract and hire great drivers quickly and reliably.

The Smarter Way to Recruit Drivers

Post your jobs to Lanefinder for free to get instant exposure on our job platform. Become a Preferred Partner to get prioritized in the search, receive higher quality applications, and more. No upfront costs.

Hire With Benefits

Companies that offer no (or few) benefits lose out on 75% of driver applications. If you're unable to offer benefits, it's probably not your fault - the economics favor the biggest companies. This shouldn't be the case.

We're here to help you get 3x the applications and make benefits a reality for your drivers. On your terms.

Drivers apply and request benefits
Get full DOT compliant applications
We cover benefits for $99 / week
No upfront costs or commitments
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Why Pay for Benefits?

In our 2022 driver survey, 75% of drivers said they would not work without benefits. Through Lanefinder, you can provide benefits on a per-driver basis for a very low cost. In return, you get up to 3x the applications, and a much better chance to hire quickly.

MEC Health, Dental & Vision
Term Life & Disability
Critical Illness & Accident
Identity Theft & Companion Card
Job-Ad Guarantee

Why Choose Lanefinder?

Free Job Postings

Post your jobs to Lanefinder for free and get your jobs seen by thousands of drivers daily. Get applications for free, no strings attached.

Full Recruitment Suite

Get free access to an Applicant Tracking System that helps you in every step of your recruitment process.

No Marketing Spend

You can get more exposure on Lanefinder without spending any money upfront simply by becoming a Preferred Partner.

Offer Better Benefits

Attract 3x more drivers by providing drivers with Lanefinder Benefits. All for a low weekly cost with no upfront payments or commitments.

Dedicated Account Support

Being a Lanefinder customer means you’ll always have someone to call and talk recruiting with.

DOT Compliant Applications

Get applications from drivers that have filled out their full DOT compliant applications on Lanefinder.

A Full Recruitment Suite, Yours For Free

YouCruit is the back end recruitment tool that helps you in every step of your recruitment process. Most trucking Applicant Tracking Systems are exclusive & expensive. Ours is yours for free.

Get DOT compliant applications
Instant message drivers
Track hiring stages and identify where drivers fall off
Get personal recruiting help from your account manager
Get dedicated account support
Promote your jobs for more exposure
YouCruit ATS
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Become a Preferred Partner

Preferred Partners enjoy many perks that simplify recruitment and get drivers to their orientations quicker and in bigger volumes.

Get Prominent Job Ranking on Lanefinder
Receive full DOT compliant applications
Up to 12x application volume
No upfront costs


Get discovered by drivers on Lanefinder and receive pre-screened driver applications.

Discover includes:
Standard job ranking
Access to Applicant Tracking System

Preferred Partner Program

Become a Preferred Partner to attract more driver applications and achieve your hiring results faster.

Everything in Discover, plus:
Prominent job ranking
Full DOT compliant applications
No upfront costs
Up to 12x more applications
Call (813) 365-9840

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does being a Preferred Partner cost?

Being a Preferred Partner is free, but you agree to pay for the benefits package of each driver you hire through Lanefinder. The cost for benefits and administration per driver is $99 a week as long as the driver is working for you.

Can I enroll my other drivers to receive Lanefinder Benefits?

Yes, of course! Just speak to your Carrier Success Manager to learn more.

What are Lanefinder Benefits?

Drivers receiving Lanefinder Benefits get health, dental, vision, short-term disability, critical illness, life insurance, and more. The coverage is flexible, and can be complementary even to drivers with existing benefits plans.

What happens if a Lanefinder Benefits driver is no longer employed by my company?

We will immediately stop the recurring payments once Lanefinder is notified that the driver is no longer working for you and begin working to replace that driver for you.

How do I become a Preferred Partner?

To be a Preferred Partner, you need to create a company profile and sign an agreement with us that says you agree to pay for the benefits of the drivers you hire through Lanefinder.

The #1 CDL Job Platform for Truck Drivers

Drivers use Lanefinder's unparalleled job filters to pinpoint jobs based on route, trailer type, experience, pet policies, fleet size, and much more.

Being on Lanefinder exposes your jobs to thousands of drivers looking specifically for the kind of work you offer.

About Lanefinder
  • Industry leading recruitment technology
  • Helping companies reach millions of CDL drivers
  • Provides better driver leads than other job platforms
Preferred Partners also get
  • More applications
  • Features that help you convert more leads into hires
  • Verified & pre-vetted drivers
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