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4 Reasons Why Trucking Is a Career Like No Other

Written by Lanefinder
September 17, 2021

There’s a lot of romance around trucking - the glistening trucks down the freeway hauling all manner of things. Huge machines, polished chrome, the freedom of the road, going cross country. It’s hard to imagine growing up and not being intrigued by the trucking lifestyle.

For how difficult and challenging it is, there’s much to love - and a whole lot that makes the profession unique.

Here are just a few of the things that make trucking a profession - and lifestyle - like no other.


You never know where you’ll end up

It’s true that all of our lives take unexpected twists and turns, regardless of whether or not we’re truckers. And though this is true for all of us, it’s especially true in the world of trucking.

When your office is one that speeds down the highway at 70 mph, it’s not hard to see why you’d end up in places you don’t expect.

Whether it’s the company you choose, or the type of load you end up working, your career as a truck driver will be a rich adventure of unexpected twists, turns, peaks, and valleys.

You may end up driving OTR for a few months before ending up in the southeast doing a regional route. Then, a few years down the road you’re hauling live chickens, pulling wind turbines, or working an oil rig in the heart of Texas.

Trucking is an interesting ride to say the least, and for many people it becomes one they can’t live without. In fact you probably already know a few guys that have come out of retirement just to get back on the road again.


You’ll meet a wide range of people

There are a lot of truck drivers out there - and they are as diverse and interesting as they come. As a truck driver, you know that the ‘typical’ driver just doesn’t exist.

You’ll meet people of all walks of life - all levels of education, and with all manner of stories to tell.

Truck drivers aren’t just interested in talking about engines and monster trucks either. You’ll meet musicians, gamers, math nerds, barbecue fanatics, and more.

Being on the road means having to spend a lot of your time with strangers. Soak up as many stories as you can. Some of them will be lies and tall tales, for sure, but others will delight and inspire you.


It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle

Trucking is a demanding profession. That’s especially true when you’re just starting out. Many truck drivers need to commit themselves to being away from home and their families for weeks at a time before they can hope of landing a job that gets them home daily.

That is why it’s so important to be in it for your own reasons - not just for the promise of a better paycheck.

The trials and challenges you’ll encounter throughout your career will push you to your limits. If you’re just in it for the money, you’ll find yourself bitter, resentful, and stressed out.

To truly thrive as a truck driver, you need to love something about it. You need those moments that make you remember why you picked this job and why you wouldn’t have it any other way.

A paycheck is rewarding, but nothing beats the feeling of purpose and belonging that comes with truly loving the job.


You’ll see more of the country than any other profession

Many drivers will remember why their hard work is worthwhile when they get to see the most stunning views the country has to offer.

Traversing the great American landscape in solitude may not be for everyone, but it produces moments of ecstasy that many would only dream of. For many drivers, soaking in the views is almost meditative. It grounds them and offers them a chance to sit back and evaluate their life, their choices, and their journey so far.

Seeing more of the country than any other profession isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, though. You’ll see it all, and it won’t always be pretty. You’ll see run down cities, abandoned towns, and tough situations. But truck drivers aren’t known for being easily scared off. Regardless of who you are, the things you’ll see will make you a better and stronger version of yourself.

Is the trucking life for you?

There’s a lot more to trucking than the promise of a decent paycheck. It’s a hard job that’ll demand a lot from you, and it requires you to be engaged, passionate, with your eyes set on the future. If you like being alone, meeting interesting people and going on wild adventures across the country, this job is definitely for you.

Even if you’re not about the OTR lifestyle, a few years of long haul trucking can open up a whole new world of steadier jobs that get you home daily - if you manage to stick around long enough to reap the rewards.

Unbreaking Trucking

Inspiring insights for the ambitious driver.

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