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What is the SHIP IT Act and How Might It Affect Trucking?

Written by Lanefinder
February 2, 2023

The Safer Highways and Increased Performance for Interstate Trucking (SHIP IT) Act is a bipartisan bill which aims to help the trucking industry with its toughest issues including the shortage of drivers and limited parking for trucks.

The bill is currently in the committee stage of the House of Representatives and has a long way to go before it could be implemented. Here is the quick rundown on what the bill aims to accomplish.

  • Vehicle Waivers During Emergencies

    • In times of national emergency, states would be able to issue special permits for overweight vehicles, so long as the vehicle is delivering relief loads.

  • Eligibility for Workforce Grants

    • Entry level drivers could be eligible for grants towards CDL training awarded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The process would also be simplified to make applying easier.

  • Licensed Individual Commercial Exam-Takers

    • Makes it easier for states or third-parties to administer exams and tests related to CDL training.

  • Truck Driver Tax Incentives

    • Updates to the Internal Revenue Code to include tax credits for truck drivers of $7,500 per tax year - With new drivers being eligible for $10,000.

  • Parking for Commercial Motor Vehicles

    • Competitive grants to go towards the increasing parking available for truck drivers as well as for initiatives aiming at increasing overall safety for truck drivers.

  • Exemptions for Zero Emission Class 7 Vehicles

    • For electrical trucking vehicles, the battery will not count towards the gross vehicle weight.

While in its early stages, the bill is subject to change. Some organizations have already raised concerns that this bill could pave the way for more overweight vehicles on the road - causing further safety issues.

Teamsters, in particular, have pointed out that the bill is a band aid for other systemic issues such as poor working conditions and driver misclassification under labor law.

Others have welcomed the opportunity to make trucking a more financially viable option for those wanting to train or for long term drivers who are feeling the pinch of rising costs.

How to get the most out of trucking now

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Are you a trucking company?

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