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Master Truck Driver Recruitment with Our Latest Update

Written by Lanefinder
May 23, 2023

We're making some big changes behind the scenes, designed to get you (our company customers) consistent, speedy, and reliable hiring results. All without asking for any effort in return.

We've rebuilt YouCruit (Lanefinder's carrier Applicant Tracking System) from the ground up to help you:

  • Turn more applications into successful hires with our new Lanefinder CoPilot

  • Follow up with all of your leads to make sure nobody slips through the cracks

  • Improve your communication & follow-up success with all applicants

  • Always have the optimal amount of applications for your hiring needs.

Read on to find out exactly how this update will improve your hiring success.

Lanefinder CoPilot

Lanefinder's CoPilot monitors your engagement with applications and promotes your job ad visibility when you're actively hiring. But if your hiring need drops or you get too many applications, CoPilot smartly dials back your ad exposure.

New and Improved Applications Overview

We’ve made it easier for you to get an instant overview of all your applications and prioritize the drivers that need your immediate attention.

New Hiring Stages

We listened to our customers and updated our hiring stages to make your recruiting workflow easier. The Lanefinder Copilot detects which hiring stages your candidates are in to make sure you get the applications you need.

Hiring Speed Improvements

See exactly when each driver applied and make sure you reach out within 72 hours (the best timeframe to successfully hire a driver) without letting any leads slip through the cracks. Lanefinder CoPilot learns from how quick and responsive you are, and promotes your jobs accordingly.

Better Driver Experience in Lanefinder

We’ve improved our notifications and driver experience within Lanefinder. As you move drivers along the hiring stages they will be notified about their progress accordingly, making sure the driver stays excited during the recruitment process and your company stays top of mind for the driver.

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