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Introducing Lanefinder's Call Forwarding and Automatic Call Notes

Written by Lanefinder
April 16, 2024

One of the biggest challenges in hiring drivers is the initial connection after drivers have applied. We're is thrilled to unveil two groundbreaking features that promise to redefine the recruitment process: Call Forwarding Features and Automatic Call Notes. These innovations are designed to streamline your recruitment efforts, ensuring that you never miss a connection and always remember the details of every conversation.

Enhanced Connectivity with Call Forwarding Features

Drivers often ignore calls from unknown numbers, leaving recruiters and potential hires in a perpetual game of phone tag. Lanefinder’s Call Forwarding Features directly address this issue.

  • Increased Pickup Rates
    When you call a driver that has applied through Lanefinder, they’ll see that the call is coming from your company, significantly increasing the likelihood of the call being answered. For example, imagine you reach out to Alex, who misses the call. Alex sees that your company tried to connect, leading to a successful callback.

  • Missed Call Notifications
    Should you miss a call from a driver, or vice versa, our system sends alerts to both parties, fostering improved communication channels and reducing the chances of missed opportunities.

Moreover, consider Sarah, who tends to screen calls from unknown numbers. A personalized text message from Lanefinder alerts her just before your call, cutting through her skepticism and leading to a meaningful conversation.

Check out the knowledge base for more information on the Call Forwarding feature.

Automatic Call Notes - Your Digital Recall Assistant

Balancing daily operations with recruitment calls is no small feat, and remembering the specifics of each conversation is even harder. Automatic Call Notes are here to change that. With calls transcribed and saved, you can:

  • Effortlessly Recall Conversations
    Say goodbye to the confusion of remembering which John had the impressive safety record. Lanefinder’s transcriptions allow for quick and easy review of call details.

    For instance, after speaking to several candidates, you vaguely remember a promising discussion about an impressive safety record and a recent move from Tampa to Atlanta. A quick search in Lanefinder’s Automatic Call Notes brings up Chris's profile, allowing you to reconnect with the right context.

  • Streamline Your Recruitment Process
    For companies inundated with applications, this feature is invaluable. It not only saves time but also ensures that every interaction is documented and accessible for future reference.

    Imagine needing to follow up with Jordan about his relocation questions. Instead of relying on memory, you consult Lanefinder’s Automatic Call Notes for a detailed recap, ensuring your follow-up is both personalized and precise.

    Visit our knowledge base for complete details.

The Lanefinder Advantage

Available now for all Premium accounts, these features underscore Lanefinder’s commitment to empowering your company in the competitive recruitment landscape. With Lanefinder, you’re not just calling; you’re connecting, remembering, and building towards a more efficient and successful recruitment process.

Here’s to making every call count and every conversation meaningful!

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